How to Block a Website – Protecting Your Kids From Adult Content

If you are a parent who is trying to gain parental control over what your young children or teenagers are able to see or what they are able to search for, then you definitely need to know how to block a website. Here are a few ways that you can either limit, and even control your child’s ability to access certain places on the internet.

Browser Security Controls

All of the internet browsers that you may use will have options to block certain sites if you go to the tools section of the browsing program. Some, like Firefox will require that you download an add-on which can easily be done by going to Firefox’s site. Here are some easy directions:

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer.

On the top bar select Tools.

Go down to Internet Options.

Then find the Privacy tab.

Look for Sites.

Type in the address of the site you wish to block and then press OK

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome.

Look for the wrench symbol in the upper corner.

Click Tools.

Select the Under the Hood tab.

Find Change Proxy Settings.

Next, click Security, and then Restricted Sites.

You will have to double-click on Sites and then you will be able to type in the site you want block.


While in Firefox, click on Tools.

Then select Add-ons.

Click Get Add-ons.

Select Browse All Add-ons.

Enter Block Site for your search and you will be able to download the add-on.

Once you have the add-on you will be given instructions on how to block sites.

The Hosts File

You can tell any browser you use to redirect its search of a particular site back to a dead-end on your computer by altering the Hosts file. What you are basically doing is instructing your computer to look for the unwanted website in a place where it does not exist. Here is how to block a site using the hosts file:

Click your Start button, then All Programs, then Accessories, and then go to Command Prompt.

You will see a black DOS window.

Type notepad C:/Windows/System 32/drivers/etc/hosts and press enter.

Look for the line

Right under this line, type the address that you want to block with in front of it. If you were going to block Yahoo, you would type:

This method is effective but just like with browser tools, you will need to add the sites one at a time.

3. Content Blocking Software

The most effective and reliable way to block a website is to find good content blocking software. These programs will show you how to prevent a wide range of sites from being searched for or even stumbled upon by your kids. Many are able to quickly update from a growing list URL addresses so you don’t have to worry about figuring out which to block. The more sophisticated filters will be able to scan actual page content and prevent access even to sites that are not on the blocked URL list. The first two methods are free, but it will be worth both your time and money to purchase a trustworthy program to protect your family from adult content.

10 Things Not To Do When Throwing A Great Adults Party (There’s More To It Then Adult Party Bags)

Timing or planning; it is hard to say which is more important, isn’t it? Generally when throwing what you hope will be great party for adults, it’s unlikely you will want to schedule it for a Monday night of a working week. That is assuming most of your friends are 9 to 5 workers. Timing is everything from that point of view.

Planning however, is definitely what will result in your party being talked about… for the right reasons, as opposed to the wrong reasons. There’s a whole lot more to planning a fantastic adult party then ordering in some adult party bags! Yet even when you think that you have the timing and the planning right, there are still 10 things that you really don’t want to do!

The Great Adult Party – 10 Things You Don’t Want To Do

1. Now that you’ve decided to host the party of the year in your home, you really don’t want to overdo it by getting some decoration or remodelling done in time for the party.

2. You and I may be animal lovers, but not everyone else is. Don’t decide to leave Fluffy and Fido wandering around, nibbling the guests’ food. A successful adult party is a bit like a smooth film set, it will run much better without children or animals. (That is unless of course you have other children invited).

3. If children are invited, make sure you arrange a designated play area which is suitable for them to enjoy themselves. Don’t let them run all over the place.

4. Even if your house is beautiful, don’t be a house bore with your guests. Let them enjoy the party and they will no doubt enjoy your house.

5. Don’t lose the plot if someone spills drink or food on your lovely furniture, or carpet. Be calm and gracious, and clean it up without any fuss.

6. For the food, don’t be too ambitious and try to create too many elaborate dishes. Instead ensure you cater for meat eaters and vegetarians, and make dishes you know you make well each time.

7. Don’t spend all the party serving the guests, plan beforehand to have some help so that you can be the host or hostess with the “mostess”.

8. There is some truth in some of the old sayings. Don’t let the conversation wander into the classic controversial subjects such as politics or religion. It may be interesting, but it can touch a nerve with some people.

9. Don’t feel you are doing people a favour by making forced introductions. Introductions are fine, but let them happen naturally, most adults know that this is part of enjoying a party.

10. Don’t take a phone call during the party, not unless it is a life or death situation. Your mother’s tale of her annoying neighbours will wait until tomorrow.

Now that you know about these 10 things that you don’t want to do, then the next step is to decide on a fun theme for the party. A small amount of money spent on adult party themes with suitable adult party bags will contribute hugely to the success of your party!

What to Look for in Web Hosting

The first questions you have to ask yourself are: how much space and bandwidth do I need; do I want one site or several sites; how much will I have to spend; am I going to use an SQL database; how much uptime does the web host offer; does this site host spammy adult sites; what extras are offered; are there script limitations; do they provide a control panel; and if my site gets too big, what is the next level and how much does it cost?


Let’s take bandwidth for instance. If you are starting a brand new site and don’t have a lot of other sites to link to it, which, by the way, is becoming increasingly less efficient due to changing search engine rules, it may take over a year to build any real traffic to even worry about this point. But, with bandwidth being a lot more reasonable lately, why not go ahead and pay the 6-10 dollars a month for 1 – 4 gigabytes currently available. After all, your goal is to grow right? So get something a few sizes too big and grow into it. Don’t think that you necessarily have to pay a lot of money to get a good web host. You could just as easily spend 20 dollars or more a month and have terrible uptime and any number of hassles. Now if your site is going to be filled with images, especially wallpaper size images, then get as much bandwidth as your budget will allow. If you plan on having a growing site and it becomes even moderately popular, you’ll need all the bandwidth traffic allowable you can get. Watch out for hosts that claim they have unmetered bandwidth. Read carefully, especially if we’re talking about a host that charges below 5 dollars a month. It’s better to have a clear number that you can keep track of in your control panel. You don’t won’t them to come up and give you a generic excuse like “Your site is using an unfair amount of system resources or traffic as compared to our other customers so therefore we have to shut you down”. Please note that system resources and bandwidth are two different issues when dealing with a web host. For instance a script that locks up and has a bug could cause a server to use a great deal of system resources that could cause problems between you and your web host if you are on a shared account versus a dedicated server. So do your research on the type of script you want to run. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic going out from your site including your images, clips, pages, etc. As far as images, sounds, and clips this is easily monitored in your control panel as long as you have a clear number of what you are allowed to use. Unmetered bandwidth could mean anything and really is worthless in the long run if you plan on getting a lot of traffic sometime in the future. And why wouldn’t you want to get as much traffic as possible for your site?

One Domain or More

Some hosts allow to host more than one domain on your account. This could be a very great way to cut costs especially with new sites that may take a while to build up traffic. Once any of your sites grows too large you can always move it. Please be cautious though heavy interlinking between sites on the same i.p. address may get you dinged by search engines.


For the most part 6-10 dollars per month is what I consider great area to be in cost wise. Anything lower than 6 and I would get nervous. Anything higher than 10-15 per month and it better have a lot to offer that I can’t get anywhere else like bandwidth, space, etc. That’s a very basic rule of thumb from my own experience, but it all depends mainly on what your site needs are.

Scripts, Databases, etc

You need to know if there are any script limitations. Are there scripts like cgi, php, etc you want to use that your web host doesn’t allow? Of course most are going to work with php and cgi with no problem. Also find out about how many SQL databases you can get and if they offer it at all. Databases can be a very powerful tool that can save you tons of time and are usually necessary for forums.

Uptime and Customer Reviews

Do research. Check out sites with reviews from actual customers. You need to see what your average joe says about the uptime and other factors of the web host you’re thinking about using. Remember, most people will complain more than take the time to praise, but a really good host will have a lot more praise then criticism.

Spam and Adult Sites

A new thing is starting to come up. Certain search engines may penalize sites that are on a server with red flag sites like gambling, spam sites, adult, etc. Gambling and adult sites tend to spam a lot so search engines may be penalizing whole servers that house these sites. Make sure your web host will put you on a server free of these types of websites.

Think Ahead

Always think ahead to save time and money having to movie to another web host. Always get as much bandwidth and web space you can get at an affordable price. Ask yourself if your site grows faster than you predicted what is the next level with the web host your using? How much is it going to cost to upgrade if necessary, and what do they offer? Some companies that offer reasonable rates and good plans only offer one plan, but they tend to increase their plan’s offerings every year or so. So keep that in mind as well when considering how much bandwidth and space your going to need in the coming year or so.

What Kind of Host Is Required to Host Adult Sites?

The adult web hosting provider is required to contain certain features in order to be eligible to host adult sites. Firstly, the adult web host much have some of the requisite fundamentals as required on a normal basis to ensure that the website’s loading time is not affected, that is, the loading time should never be too slow or cut off. If your adult website is frequently facing the problem of slow loading or breaking off of connection, you are bound to lose more and more visitors to your website who will never return and would switch to some other sites. In order to overcome this problem, you must pay utmost attention that your adult web host should be able to give you fast speed for your visitors to easily access large files.

As you are aware, videos and images consume a lot of space on your website. On top of it, if you are experiencing a slow processor or short bandwidth, it is surely going to crawl to your potential clients. You must make an inventory of the size of your files on the website and the time taken to load them onto your web pages. The adult web host you choose should be able to host your website in sync with your recorded needs. Once the inventory of images, videos and web pages of your adult website is made, you can easily analyse your need for a dedicated or VPS server hosting plan in place of a shared hosting plan. You must also determine the type of the adult website you wish to operate. Many adult web hosts while they show a number of galleries of images, not many of them offer exactly the same types or quality of image gallery software within their hosting plans. Also the gallery software being offered should be checked for its adequacy. Do not forget the importance of having a good internet connection speed as well. Remember not all of your visitors may have a super fast connection and hence, the speed factor needs to be adhered to by the adult web host.

Besides the above, when you choose the adult web host for your adult website, you must also a lawyer deployed to go through the legal aspects and pitfalls related to the hosting of your adult website. Make sure your web host is reliable enough to cater to a large volume of visitors to your website as well as large amount of file transfers of your adult videos and images. You must have an age verification system on your website, so that when someone visits your website, he/she is asked ‘Are you 18 years of age or older’, accompanied with a warning page for young children to view that it is an adult website.

4 Tips for a Better Hosting Experience: Web Hosting Fine Print Exposed: Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of Web Hosting Fine Print Exposed.

This series of articles reveals 14 points about web hosting fine print–things you should know and be aware of when looking for a web host.

We continue with another 4 points:

Web Host Who?

What’s the registered business name, address, phone number of the webhost?

Why do you want these? Obviously, you want to know who you’re going to do business with. If the info is available–good; if not–not good.

If the info is available you may want to check that’s it’s accurate. It never hurts to be cautious. You may want to get a credit report even though that depends on how critical your web site is.

The Web Host Support System

There are 3 points to discuss here:

1. How many ways are there to access the support department? Instant Messaging, email, phone? The more the better, though you probably only need one or two.

Phone support is great–you can actually talk to someone. It’s best if you’re new or have a complex site. Of course, phone support comes with its own price tag.

Make sure you know whether there are any extra fees for phone support, or limited amount of support calls per month.

2. Do they have an on-site forum? Most good web hosts maintain a forum where anyone can post a question. Take a careful look at the forums. How many posts are there? If you find just a few posts you know that the web host is probably new (though it can also mean that the forum is new — check the dates of the posts).

3. Service speed. None of the above matters if it takes two days to answer your emails or return your phone calls.

Most web hosts offer 24/7 customer care. Better than this is if the web host guarantees a response within a specific time frame.

Find out this crucial information and write the answers down on your evaluation sheet.

Your Neighbors: Adult Sites and Proxies?

Find out if your web host allows adult sites & proxies.

Adult sites. These sites create a particular environment that may not suitable for other sites. So, unless you want to run an adult site, you better find one that does not offer adult hosting.

Proxies. These are little scripts run on the server that allow other computers connect to the server and through it to the Internet. From the Internet’s side it appears as if though the server is accessing it and not the computer behind the proxy.

These scripts are of a security risk to the server and, therefore, most web hosts have banned them. Again, unless you want to offer a proxy service, you better find one that does not allow proxies.

Is your Web Host Used for Spam?

Check if the webhost’s servers are black listed in the spam directory.

You need to find out about all the IP addresses that the web host uses and check each one individually against the spam directory [].

By the way, one reason why web hosts have banned proxies is for the fear of being used for spam. The proxy is used for sending spam e-mail, the server gets blacklisted in the spam IP directories.

This creates a lot of headaches for the host and you. Imagine that you’re emails are not delivered anymore because the recipients computers think you’re sending spam. Not good.

Web Host Uptime Explained

What is Uptime?

Uptime refers to how long the server (and you’re website) keeps running before it needs to restart for whatever reason.

So, what should you look for? Anything over 99.5% is good.

Servers do need to restart now and then: this could be part of regular maintenance or in some other unexpected cases.

The bottom line is: Downtime happens, the question is how it’s handled. And by that we mean: are you notified of scheduled downtimes and alerted in other cases?

How does the standard 99.5% uptime guarantee translate into hours?

First multiply the percentage of uptime promised by the number of hours in a day to find out the amount of uptime per day.

For example if a provider is promising 99.5% uptime

then 99.5 per cent = 0.995
0.995 * 24 hours = 23.88 hours

There are 23.88 hours of uptime guaranteed in a 24 hours day or 0.12 hrs not guaranteed.

0.12 hrs = 7.2 min.
0.12 * 60min = 7.2min

This means that the host approximately guarantees 23 hours and 52 minutes and 48 seconds of service per day.

That means that the maximum downtime tolerable in a week is approximately 50 minutes and 24 seconds.

This means 1.6 days in a year are not guaranteed, and your website is offline.

I hope these points will be useful!

In the Parts 3 & 4, we will cover these topics:

  • Refund Guarantee
  • Set-up Fee Scam
  • Help Moving Your Site
  • Resource Allocation
  • Shared vs. Reseller
  • Crowded Servers

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

To leave comments, and to read web host reviews based on this article, please go to the Best Web Hosting Provider web site.

Hosting for Community Websites

Forum hosting software allows you to run a web association appointment area users can allotment advice and collaborate on accepted grounds. The apartment is fabricated on the phpBB software that allows you to host it on your own website server. The appointment hosting plan allows you to accept assorted users alive on a appointment at the aforementioned time afterwards the website collapsing. The hosting basement is congenital in a way that will acquiesce assorted domains active on the aforementioned server. The archetype abaft this is accepting an able and reliable arrangement that will host a brace of forums active alongside on the aforementioned administering support. The ascendancy administration arrangement on the appointment hosting plan gives you a adventitious to adviser the achievement of the forums as they plan live.

Most appointment hosting providers will accord absolute options if it comes to active the software. The plan runs anon afterwards accession and will do so afterwards any abutment from the sites developers. The apartment comes with absolute accumulator space, absolute domains, absolute emails and bandwidth. With these absolute features, your web users are able to plan on their profiles with bound traffic. Registered associates are able to play amateur and upload music clips on the website and allotment this with their friends.

The amusing media platforms acquiesce associates to collaborate as if they are in the aforementioned abode at the aforementioned time. However, this time, the abode is on an internet interface, which allows them to allotment and acquaint directly. The developed hosting plan allows adults to allotment videos and clips that is complete agreeable on the amusing administration platforms. This hosting plan enables you to run developed websites that associates will be able to collaborate like in any added amusing forum.

In amusing media, the a lot of important account is alluring added web cartage into a site. This can be added by autograph blogs on your website. The blog hosting ability on your website allows your users to accomplish blog on the website and allure blog commenters. The blog hosting plan enables your website to run as abounding blogs as possible. The blogging website has absolute casework that cover absolute emails, absolute bandage width, absolute domains and absolute web space. With this package, you are able to accept abundant blogs active on the website and appropriately allure added cartage to your site.

These hosting affairs will accredit your website users to allotment information, agenda message, audio and video clips all on the aforementioned platform. Scripted with simple PHP accent and active on MySQL database, the software requires no training to administer or run it. The accession action is simple and the arrangement runs aloft achievement of the accession process.

What You Need to Know About Adult Web Hosting

Apparently developed accommodation actualization on the Internet is no best a secret. As a amount of fact, developed agreeable (namely, porno) has consistently been about back the Internet is invented. It’s annihilation amiss about surfing or hosting an developed website as continued as you’re abject the cyber laws.

To run an developed website, you’ll aboriginal charge a hosting account that is accommodating to acquire developed contents. Also, a few added application credibility if it comes to developed website is the hosting accumulator capacity, bandwidth, hosting uptime, and pricing.

As you ability be aware, the apparatus abaft an developed web host has annihilation abundant altered from a accustomed web hosting. Nevertheless, there breadth few issues requires your added absorption due to altered attributes of developed web users.

Bandwidth – you will charge huge bandwidth for an developed website, mainly because developed website involves added in angel hosting and files downloading.

Disk storage – Deejay accumulator is addition important affair for developed web hosting due to the aforementioned acumen – boundless angel hosting. In case you are autumn your porn images and videos in your own hosting, you will charge a absolutely huge amplitude to host all those data. A bargain but yet huge deejay accumulator amplitude is absolutely actual abundant bare for any developed website.

Dedicated server for developed websites

From what we can see, a committed server sounds like a acceptable advantage for developed website in abounding aspects. You’ll get bigger abstracts alignment and flexibility. However if you ambition to accumulate your audience data in clandestine (as it is an developed website), an own managed servers or co-location server is essential. With this affectionate of hosting, the hosting aggregation will affix your computer or your accouterments to the internet. They aswell accommodate a defended environment, arbor amplitude and abstruse support. What you accept to do is to accommodate the accouterments like the server, the software and the aliment for all the accessories acclimated in hosting your own website.

Wrapping things up, if you are hosting an developed website, you charge to sit on your users shoes and anticipate about the website usage. To success, a able and reliable hosting server is a must.